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The dental practice is a complex one, and many dentists are struggling to make ends meet. Just because the practice is earning does not necessarily mean that it is profiting. Many dentists earn a lot, but the income is just enough to cover the overhead cost. There is nothing much-left profit-wise. The problem is not with the dentistry itself but on how dentists are doing their practice.

Avi Weisfogel knows the problems commonly faced by dentists, and that is what he tackles in his latest podcast, Entrepreneurial Dentist. Dr. Avi gives great sales advice to dental entrepreneurs, especially those in need of help building a successful dental practice and earn more income. In his podcast, Entrepreneurial Dentist, Dr. Avi provides valuable insights on how to make it big in the ever-competitive world of dentistry.

The Entrepreneurial Dentist Podcast

Episode 4 – Lawsuits and Marketing Against The Competition

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Entrepreneurial Dentist – The Business Aspect of Dental Practice

  • Create the desire for others to work with you – The traditional way of doing business is chasing customers. It does not apply only to the dental practice but also in other fields of practice. You need to do the best you can to track clients, or else you won’t have any income. You will not be able to pay your staff, and eventually, you’ll find yourself closing your practice. Dr. Avi stressed the importance of creating a desire for others to work with you. Show others why they need to chase your service as opposed to chasing them to come to you. If you get to make them realize that they need you, then they will come to you without even inviting them.
  • Take control of your destiny when it comes to overhead – Just because the dental practice is earning a lot does not mean it is profiting a lot. Income does not always equate to profit. Many things should be deducted to your income, such as the overhead cost. It includes business expenses except for direct labor, direct materials, and direct payments. Overhead expenses need to be deducted from the income, such as rent, taxes, legal fees, advertising, accounting fees, supplies, telephone bills, utilities, and other related expenditures. Your dental practice could be earning a hundred thousand dollars a month, but with overhead cost, you will only have a few thousands of dollars left. For you to get the most of your dental practice, you need to manage your overhead. That way, you can get the most of your income.
  • Know your numbers – The business aspect of dentistry is not taught in school. You spend years in dental school mastering the basics of dentistry. Unfortunately, you are not taught how to run the business. Many dentists got the right dentistry skill, but they don’t earn much because they don’t know how to market their practice. Dr. Avi’s new podcast, Entrepreneurial Dentist, helps you in identifying and understanding your numbers. He’ll help you figure out how much money you need to break-even, profit, and have a complete grasp of your numbers.
  • Know what you need – Many dentists want to have the most advanced dental equipment. They would even take out a loan to have the most expensive dental equipment. They have this notion in mind that the state of the art equipment drives patients to their practice. If that is so, then why many dentists don’t profit still. It is excellent to have the best equipment, but more than the equipment, you need to have the skills and the best marketing strategy. Dr. Avi will teach you how to do it. Please tune in to his new podcast, Entrepreneurial Dentist, to learn more about what you need to keep your dental practice going.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s podcast,Entrepreneurial Dentist, is an excellent source of business advice to dentists that need expert help in building a highly profitable dental practice. Dr. Avi experienced and overcame all the hurdles that can come from running a dental practice. Listen to his podcast, Entrepreneurial Dentist, as he gives real solutions to the problems commonly encountered in dental practice. The business lessons and management skills are tackled on his weekly podcast – such information you were never taught in dental school.

Dental Sleep MBA

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the man behind Dental Sleep MBA, a course that teaches dentists how to break in the world of sleep medicine. For many years, Dr. Avi has been devoting his time and efforts in finding solutions to the common problems faced by patients. He showed how dentistry could offer the best solution to their problems. He has been proactively advocating continuing education for dental professionals.

When he was searching for the treatment and management of sleep-related disorders, he experienced many obstacles. It was hard to persuade other doctors that dentistry can be the solution to the ever-growing numbers of sleep patients. The road was not as easy as not everyone is on board with him. He used his resources to conduct a research study, and it was successful. However, the struggle didn’t end there. The next hurdle he faced was bringing sleep dentistry into the organization.

To get dental professionals on board with him, Dr. Avi provides lectures to physicians. He presents dental sleep medicine and shows them the business side of the dental sleep practice. It was an innovation both in the dental practice and in the business perspective. His dental sleep practice will benefit the patients health-wise as well as the dentists and physicians alike business-wise. It will be a win-win situation both for the patients and health professionals.

Today, Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the most sought after dental sleep experts. He was able to build a solid reputation in the industry. Through his Dental Sleep MBA course and podcast, he will be able to share his expertise with dentists and allied healthcare professionals. His new podcast, Entrepreneurial Dentist, is an excellent source of knowledge and information for dentists of all levels. Dr. Avi started the International Academy of Sleep and Dental Sleep Masters with one goal in mind – to help dentists become successful in their practice.

It takes more than just having the knowledge and skills to run a successful dental practice. It needs the best business strategy because, after all, a dental practice is a business entity. Unfortunately, the business aspects of the dental practice are not taught in school. It is the reason why many dentists who have state of the art facility, skills, and knowledge are not making enough money to grow their practice. Most of them are in debt because they take out a loan to buy the most advanced dental equipment. The ABCs of running a dental practice from a business perspective will be taught to you by Dr. Avi Weisfogel. Please tune in to his podcast, the Entrepreneurial Dentist, to gain essential sales tips to help dental entrepreneurs to start making money again in the industry.